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Office casino night quotes prairies edge casino

Dwight would make an excellent croupier. And yes, I do realize I am a loser for watching the scene over and over again. I'll see you tonight.

And I am never, ever going to leave. The majority of Quotss witty remarks are based on other people's stupidity, which is another huge turnoff. And you guys have a good time together. There are certain topics that are off-limits to comedians. Please, you can't be serious. I would never, ever serve you.

Read Casino Night from the story Funny quotes from The Office by CeruleanPaso (Pippi Montrose) with reads. pambeesly, jimhalpert, theoffice. Toby. I'm glad to report that Casino Night rose to the challenge and delivered a . To quote a friend of mine, “it's funny how surprising it was that they did the most [Pam is upstairs in the office, talking to someone on the phone. Michael: Tonight the Scranton Business Park is having Casino Night and we are converting our.

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